this involve the mixing of materials to create the desired mixture. this therefore includes gathering of organic materials such as wood plants.

Potions, Oils and Explosives

the player can travel around to gather any plant materials, wood or plants, to make a potion,oil or explosive.
to get gold, stone, etc you need to buy (or put up a quest)
To create potions/ oils/explosives the player has to:
  1. Collect/buy ingredients.
  2. Have/create an container.
  3. Mix to create desired thing.


To make explosives they will need:
  1. a container.
  2. a fuse or some way of lighting it.
  3. the ingredients.
For modern explosives eg. c4, grenades, etc you will be able to make a detonator to make it explode from a distance instantly
please give me some ideas on what Explosives there will or need to be.
(stuff in brackets is what the thing before it can be made out of)

Name of explosive
gunpowder, case(stone,glass,plastic,metal), fuse or detonator charge,


Oils can be:
  1. Explosive.
  2. Extinguishers.
  3. Or enhancers.
An explosive oil can be used as a base for an explosive or as the fuse
An Extinguisher does what it is called. It puts out fires or reduces the effect of a fire monster -------------------------> WILL THERE BE THESE MONSTERS - YES THERE WILL
An enhancer when mixed with another thing will enhance its affect.


the potions you make will have a temporary affect on you. they could increese your speed for a specified length of time or give you the ability to see/hear further.


This is my exampel of What alchemy might be
open 2 other ideas
please put ideas in (_).

Porcupines Alchemy Idea

Ok, seeing as your open to ideas, I'd like to suggest how I think alchemy could work. This is just an idea, you can use whatever you want from it.

Ok, so, in the world you can find a various ingredients lying around. These can be looted from monsters, picked from plants, that sort of thing. Each of these ingredients will have different preset stats. Take these as what the stats could be: (just an example)


The greater an ingredients Restorative stat the more a product made with it will heal the target.

The greater an ingredients Volatility the better it is at exploding and catching fire.

The greater an ingredients Damage stat the more it hurts the target.

So, if you make a potion out of ingredients with a high Restorative stat, it would make a good healing potion.

Potions and suchlike could be thrown as well as drank, that way you can make a poison and throw it at something.

Haelbarde's Suggestion in relation to Alchemy.

Base resource for Alchemy could be Herbs.
Herbs could be a generic resource easy to find, and can function as a crop, and thus a village can grow herb(grain) fields.
Varities of potions could then be created by finding, gathering and combining special, and rare, unique plants/flowers, which have different affects.