Archaeology is a proficiency that will help your village develop technologically. The artifacts recovered can be restored/repaired or dismantled for research value.

1. Surveying, which has no time pressure (other than the five minute respawn time of the robot dragons) and requires thought and problem solving; and
2. Digging, which requires placing a drill and then doing something else while it does its work. Don't go too far though, or someone else might steal the artifacts it digs up.


Surveying is the method by which potential dig sites may be discovered, using archaeological probes, which may be placed and picked up using the 'Probe' button. Probes are not visible to any other players.
For each level of proficiency, the archaeologist is given a surveying probe (to a maximum of four probes). Placing and moving these probes allows a surveyor to triangulate potential dig sites; the dashed lines show the maximum range of the probe's detection, and the solid lines show that an artifact has been detected at that distance from the probe, so you can determine dig sites by triangulation (placing probes so that enough circles cross).

What the pictures mean, from left to right:
1. First probe shows there is an artifact nearby, somewhere under the yellow circle
2. Second probe, placed below the first, shows no yellow lines, meaning the artifact is not under the area covered by the second probe.
3. Third probe, placed to the right of the first, shows a yellow circle which crosses the first yellow circle in two places, so the artifact could be under one of those places. Or could it? Look at the bottom intersection; it's within range of the bottom probe but showed no results there, so that must not be the location of an artifact.
4. A fourth probe is used to test the hypothesis, placed above the other probes and within range of the top intersection. It draws a circle through that intersection, confirming it is in fact an artifact location.


Once a dig site has been decided on, an archaeologist sets up an archaeological drill which digs down, layer by layer. Digging deeper allows for the uncovering of more valuable artifacts, but digging becomes slower and slower.
The process itself is just a matter of pressing the 'Drill' button and then letting the drill do its work. A progress bar shows how much of the layer has been dug.
The drill may be picked up by pressing the 'Drill' button while near your deployed drill. Drills are visible to other players.