Change Log

January 2 (RC2 for Beta)

- Turned off right click move by default and warn user there is no pathfinding
- Added new console command /rightclickmove and corresponding checkbox in options
- Added HCPC and sifnt Games logos to main menu screen
- Added drop button to info window
- Increase dropped item pickup protection from 1 second to 1.5 seconds
- Added option to show building name on mouse over
- Removed cancel button from vehicle construction
- Added a helpful comment to game hosts about port forwarding
- Fixed artifacts sliding downhill after being dug
- Modified storeyard to allow driving the truck into it
- Number keys now correspond to left-clicking inventory slots
- Added option to have all windows open at game start
- Resources in inventory can now be use for payments as well as stockpiled resources
- Improved game stability between rounds and added a countdown timer
- Added a few seconds delay before bonus points are given for a new task
- Reduced vehicle sound volumes and improved consistency over network
- Fixed win points not defaulting to 200


December 28 (RC1 for Beta)

- Green hologram for vehicle construction now matches vehicle
- Added hints to loading screen
- Depleted resource points now disappear after 3 seconds
- Fixed objects flying into the air when more than one dropped at once
- New main menu backdrop
- Added sounds
- Mouse scrollwheel now changes equipped item instead of zooming map

December 26

- Added all remaining textured models, including 'under construction' versions
- Gave robot wings and improved its aim a bit

August 30

- Added hospital texture
- Added mine model
- Increased robot respawn time to 5 mins
- Robots respawn with increasing health (starting with 50, reaching 200 about 10 minutes in, asymptoting to 400)
- Added damage indicators when damaging robots
- Increased prosperity from digging artifacts by 30%

Jun 21

- Archaeological drill now automatically teleports back to you on dig completion
- Added ruins (artifacts are more likely be found there, and you can't build there)
- Added flame robots to protect ruins (they have 400 health and will respawn after 1 minute)
- Scoreboard will now remain displayed while loading the next level
- Disabled tree shadows for quality settings lower than Beautiful
- Rabbits are no longer synchronised across network, and they are only rendered for Beautiful and above
- Team icons are now shown even in unmapped areas of the map
- Added a message about what buildings don't count as base (when you try to build out of base range)
- Fixed camera angle to 50 degrees
- Increased respawn time (from 1.5 seconds to 3 seconds)

Jun 8

- Decreased max distance buildings can be built from base
- Smelter no longer has to be near your base
- Turret, storeyard and smelter no longer count as 'base' buildings
- Added prosperity and task for defending the base
- Added prosperity and task for attacking enemy buildings
- Defusing a bomb now converts it into a usable bomb
- Fixed handshake failure if a server restarted
- Game tries pretty hard not to spawn you in the water now
- Buildings increase in cost depending on how many you already have
- Task bar now combines multiple tasks of the same type
- Task bar will now be a button and flash if you have no task posted
- Construction and research tasks will now be removed on completion
- Removed not being able to climb steep cliffs (it was blocking access to some quarries)
- Score needed to win now scales based on the number of players on the team
- Added prosperity display to main hud, and moved team resources display
- Moved/resized windows to suit 1024x768
- Increased bomb fuse time to 20 seconds

Jun 2

- Increased default resolution to 1024x768
- Added bomb, with planting and defusing
- Added health orb and durability orb (single use to restore)
- Added concocting at laboratory
- Added berry bushes and mushroom patches (gather with science)
- Fixed player slowly sliding down terrain (will still slide if very steep, and now can't climb extremely steep cliffs at all)
- Added button on team select to auto-team (won't join empty teams except blue)
- Fixed buildings stuck on 100% progress but never completing (for players who joined after the building was constructed)
- Removed being able to rechoose proficiencies each spawn
- Fixed charted enemy icons being white when not in view
- Made default view face towards top of map
- Fixed other players' turret building range being shown when placing a turret
- Fixed tasks not being syncd on join
- Changed random proficiencies button to choose for you based on what your team hasn't chosen much of
- Added an objective display at the bottom left of the screen
- Reorganised task system by action rather than relevant proficiency
- Storeyard build limit removed; also they don't have to be built near your base
- Smelter build limit removed but they still must be built near your base
- Fixed vehicles not repairing
- Cartography station's map icon will now flash to indicate new map info available
- Prosperity tickers now combine if soon after the same type
- Increased prosperity given for researching and exploring, reduced prosperity given for archaeology

May 20

- Fixed issues when loading new level (trees inside trees for server, getting stuck on loading screen for clients)
- Removed soursobs (now that we're so zoomed out they're pointless)
- Blaster drones (from turret) now self-destruct if their target is invisible for more than 0.5 seconds
- Mouse scrollwheel will no longer zoom in and out of map if mouse is over the gui
- Fixed window positions being reset to original positions
- Moved default spycraft window position to bottom right (to not obscure chat window)
- Added view tilt (hold middle mouse and move mouse up/down; get current camera tilt with /tilt)
- Added a 'follow view' camera mode where left and right keys turn instead of strafing (toggle with /freelook)
- Fixed client map canvas turning black on first cartostation visit
- Added a 'hold construction' key (default is shift) and visible turret range
- Reduced turret range from 40 to 30
- Increased opacity to yourself when stealthed
- Fixed tiny tree replicas being created
- Added map charting (buildings seen by a player become permanently marked on any explored area of the map, i.e. "charted")
- Added map sabotage (uncharts buildings from that team's map)
- Added science (research using science at laboratory, or contribute to it by taking blueprints there)
- Equipment that is not broken can now be dismantled for research (and some resources)
- Added turret sabotage (turret becomes inactive for 3 seconds)
- Buildings can now only be built near your base
- Each team can now only have one building of each type (turrets are excluded from this rule)
- All players can now use all proficiencies if not selected (not very effectively though)

May 8

- Reduced CPU and network load caused by comparison of map data
- Fixed an issue with right-click-move when right-clicking on map
- Increased scale of cartostation
- Shadows of trees now scale correctly to match trees
- Fixed being able to get stuck in the storeyard
- Depleted tree (stump) no longer has the shadow of the tree that was there
- Fixed being able to use stockpile in other teams' storeyards
- You can no longer pick up items from the ground while you are in a vehicle
- Made it more obvious restored equipment needs repairing
- Fixed welding torch repairing itself infinitely when equipped
- Added icon to indicate when you're holding the 'drop item' button down
- Added key to automate repeat action for all items after the one clicked. Default key is shift
- Mouse scroll wheel now toggles zoomed map view
- Teams now start with 10 of each resource
- Fixed archaeology window not showing if not chosen in first set of proficiencies
- Removed Archives (artifacts are now dug up already identified, and blueprints are stored at the Laboratory)
- Limited the number of each proficiency available to each team
- Added defense turret (won't fire at stealthed enemies)
- Added stealth; higher spycraft means longer stealth (stealth is disabled by entering a vehicle, and disrupted by firing a weapon)

Apr 30

- Added map ping to easily communicate locations with your team (alt + left-click by default)
- You can now click on the map to move (right-click in normal mode, left-click in keyboard free mode)
- You can now move while zoomed in on the map
- Fixed a network issue where server stability was affected by sending sync packets to players not fully reconnected
- Fixed buildings doing the destruction effect if connected while server is still loading
- Fixed some issues with rocket synchronisation
- Tasks now last for infinite time, adding a task will replace your old one
- Increased resource gathering rate
- Buildings and vehicles belonging to your team are now shown on map no matter where you are
- Fixed players who were already standing by cartostation not immediately having their maps updated by an explorer returning with new map data
- Added prosperity given for exploration, and an explore task
- Added trees: palm for sand, spiky for dirt, seuss for grass

Apr 25

- Changed some aspects of archaeology (prosperity is now gained from successful dig, and the quests are now Identify and Archive)
- Remodeled stone and metal to look more different to ore
- Map and minimap now show icons for nearby vehicles and buildings
- Added cartostation (visiting will update your map and the team map)
- Made the key to hold to drop on click mappable (default is G)
- Repairing equipment now uses a small amount of resources
- Crafted and cheat-given equipment now starts with full durability

Apr 19

- Fixed vehiclepad hologram positioning
- Added a particle emitter to vehiclepad
- Made vehiclepad gantry crane higher to permit opter
- Fixed vehicles not being able to accelerate properly on buildings
- Added Hospital (regenerates your health if nearby)
- Items now break when they run out of durability

Apr 17

- Renamed many buildings, merged some
- Added models for various buildings
- Added ranged weapons (crossbow, blaster, rocket launcher)
- Fixed some issues with clicks and keypresses being blocked while chat window was open
- Improved consistency of check for which building you are close to
- Buildings must now be built further away from each other to reduce the amount they bury each other with terrain
- When choosing a building placement, the building will be shown rather than a sphere
- Improved matching of terrain deformation to building base
- Flags now wave in a consistent direction
- Added an additional step to terrain generation which hopefully reduces the chances of two resource points inside each other
- Trees generated on the map are now not all the exact same size and rotation
- You can no longer interact with buildings while in a vehicle

Apr 12

- Added randomly occurring resource points across map
- Added /seed command to get map seed
- Added server host option to use a custom seed
- Fixed building team not correct for newly joined players
- Teammate icons will now always show in minimap even if you can't see the player
- Added construction prosperity and tasks
- Added spawn algorithm (you will now spawn in your base, near your team, or away from enemies, as relevant)
- Added a check before spawn that should prevent you from spawning inside any obstacles
- Players can no longer do melee damage to neutral vehicles
- Vehicles that collide but are not enemies will no longer take damage
- Added right click move for when not in keyboard free mode
- Added attack key so you can play mouse free if you really want to
- Resource points now contain a proper amount of resources
- Made chat background more opaque for readability
- Fixed a divide-by-zero error when hitting a vehicle with a melee weapon
- Buildings now have a proper cost (storeyard is free if your team doesn't have one)

Apr 10

- Added factory, can build and repair vehicles there with construction proficiency
- Added flags to buildings to indicate team
- Buildings can now be damaged/repaired/destroyed
- Added keyboard free mode (point and click control) which can be set in options or ingame using /keyboardfree
- Increased minimum time between melee swings
- Added building construction (buildings are free at the moment for the purpose of testing)

Mar 31

- Added speed display for passengers of vehicles
- Fixed all vehicles spawning on clients as trucks instead of what they should be
- Player now only shatters after large damage; instead breaking in half from lesser impacts
- Smoothed movement of far away objects which don't have network data sent often (such as when spectating)
- Added puff of dirt when melee hitting an object
- Player movement is now slower depending on slope steepness
- Fixed equipment not equipping properly when picked up from ground by client
- Archaeological probes are now destroyed on player death

Mar 16

- Vehicles now have health (indicated by smoke and fire) and can take damage
- Vehicles die by exploding
- Added server host option for score needed to win
- Added cheat to have full level of all proficiencies (/rainbowdash)
- Removed cheats /getrichquick and /crafttest
- Added cheat to give all teams 99 of each resource (/italianjob)
- Fixed sticking to walls in midair
- Fixed not being able to bash the driver while a passenger
- Fixed wheel dirtspray occurring even if the wheel wasn't on the ground
- Truck can now carry cargo
- Added buggy and opter
- Removed cheat /goneinsixty, replaced with /givevehicle VEHICLE_ID (0=truck, 1=buggy, 2=opter)
- Removed /showkph command

Mar 5

- Smoothed camera movement while in vehicle
- Added maximum speed at which you can enter a vehicle
- Added collision damage if a vehicle runs into a player
- Made player colour depend on team
- Added customisable player texture (make an account on to use it)
- Modified wheel friction to be more drifty
- Made camera follow in front of car movement
- Fixed player position not being correct when in a vehicle (also fixed map not clearing when in a vehicle)
- Added suicide command (/kill or /suicide)
- Players now turn into fragments on death
- Added km/h indicator when driving a vehicle (can be turned off by typing "/showkph 0" into console)
- Driver's weapon is now hidden and disabled
- Added wheelspin dirt spray

Feb 22

- Added vehicles (enter and exit by pressing 'Use' key, default 'E')
- Added cheat /goneinsixty (spawns a vehicle)
- Improved the armour damage reduction algorithm
- Increased default inventory size to 5
- Increased randomness of spawn point (you still spawn in the centre of the map though)
- Added player model (untextured)
- Added model for workshop (untextured)
- Changed proficiency list to the new six

Feb 15

- Health is now displayed as a bar rather than percentage
- Added armour (controls are just like any inventory button)

Feb 11

- Added a loading progress bar to loading screen
- Disabled mousewheel zoom when mouse over a window
- Fixed flickering of crafting item selection when using mousewheel to scroll
- Fixed crafting selection window formatting to handle double-digit resource costs
- Added wear and tear to equipment
- Added repairing
- Added tasks for repairing and crafting
- Prevented equip change during continuous actions

Feb 3

- Added a forcefield to prevent players walking off the edge of the map
- Corrected some idle weapon direction behaviour when not walking
- Modified /giveitem commond to allow giving multiple items (usage is now /giveitem ITEM_ID QUANTITY)
- Added cheat /crafttest (gives all teams resources and fake blueprints)
- Added crafting
- Added hammer
- Flattened terrain around buildings (and raised it above water, if necessary)

Jan 22

- Moved task add interface into task window
- Added minimap (press M or the map button to change between zoomed and minimap)
- Increased map resolution (this increased loading time but allows for much nicer looking zoomed map views)
- Fixed bug where you could create a new drill if you already had one and you respawned
- Increased opacity and brightness of ingame background boxes

Jan 16

- You can now jump while standing on a building
- Added option to make it so players show the default club when they've got something equipped that doesn't make sense as a weapon
- Added a sand texture to the terrain
- Added water with swimming and wading
- Rabbits will avoid water


Jan 4

- Added gesture-controlled melee system (swing with left-click drag and release, around your player)
- Added health bar and numbers to indicate damage done to enemy
- When nothing is equipped you can can fight with a simple club
- Each proficiency in Labour gives 5% bonus to melee effectiveness

Dec 31

- Increased number of slots in inventory (now min 2 and max 10)
- Added labour resource gathering (resource points only have 5 units for now to test depletion)
- Redesigned quest system (quests are currently available for Archaeology and Labour)

Dec 30

- Fixed objects being destroyed if they were created while someone was connecting
- Players now drop the items in their inventory if they disconnect
- Added view rotation: hold down middle-mouse and drag left or right (press home to reset view)
- Improved fine movement control
- Improved colliders of droppable items
- Fixed dropped items being immediately picked up again
- Usable equipment can now be equipped by left-clicking in inventory (auto-equipped if only carrying one equippable item)
- Items now have unique stats (generation depends on the object quality and the type of item)
- Added cheat to give an artifact from a random depth (server only): /crystalskull
- Fixed drill dirt decal not staying after another player removed their drill

Dec 27

- Added sound to menu buttons
- Updated proficiency set
- Added inventory system (left-click to use, ctrl-left click to drop, right-click to see info)
- Moved fps display to top right
- Added actions for certain items (e.g. artifact identification)
- Added two cheat commands useful for testing (only the server is allowed to use them at the moment)
/giveitem ITEM_ID (currently 1 to 7)
/getrichquick (doesn't give the team any score)
- Archaeology quest is now "Identify" an artifact instead of "Collect"
- You can now press the up arrow in the chat box to autotype the last command you used
- Improved movement responsiveness

Nov 2

- Improved client-to-client communication (this should fix players not moving on another player's screen)


- Added close buttons to windows
- Fixed blurring of some icons
- Added jumping
- Fixed drill dirtpile bug
- Added quit button for exe version
- Significantly improved framerate by disabling collision detection with rabbits for settings lower than Fantastic
- Added game icon for exe version


- Fixed 'Connection failed' dialog appearing when hosting a server behind a restrictive proxy
- Added quest system


- Disabled chat while not ingame (console still works)
- When you host a server, you are told your IP address
- Added drill sound (and made the artifact clink louder)
- Added clientside artifact collect (should fix the 'kicking an artifact around' bug)
- Added dirt 'puddle' effect to drill
- Added an fps counter (enable with /showfps 1)
- Did some netcode optimisation (objects farther away from you are now synchronised less)
- Fixed some subtle camera jitter when moving
- Rabbit count increased to 300


- 100 rabbits added
- Random seed used for level generation


- Z,X,C,V, and B used to open/close proficiency windows
- [ drops the drill instead of G
- players other than the host are now able to win the game
- points required to win is increased from 10 to 100


- Procedurally generated map
- Bird ambience sound added to loop when on a server
- Map is bigger
- Colour of proficiencies on leader matches icon at bottom of screen
- Archaeology proficiency made functional
- G drops the drill, P drops a probe
- Quit button is removed


- Proficiency icons changed to have colour to better see the difference
- Proficiency bar at bottom hidden when choosing proficiencies
- Stars used to show how many times you have selected a proficiency
- Right click removes a star from a selected proficiency
- Ctrl Right Click removes all stars from a proficiency
- Ctrl Left Click puts stars on a proficiency until you have reached your 5 star total over all limit
- character limit in name capped at 25 characters
- teams restricted to max 4
- preview of what proficiencies you have selected added to the accect/clear screen


- Picture added as main menu background
- Able to select proficiencies
- Transparent grey window added behind chat text to make text noticeable and easy to read


- Can choose a side (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow)
- Can move around
- Scoreboard added


- Server hosting/joining functionality
- Players can chat

- Health is now displayed as a bar rather than percentage
- Added armour (controls are just like any inventory button)