This is a list of general suggestions for various mechanics to be used in the game. These can include ideas for the person/people who are designing a specific thing (e.g. suggestions of improvements for Archaeology, the proficiency that Sir is working on).
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Leonardo da Vinci vehicles

I think that if there's vehicles beyond wooden carts, that it should be Leonardo da Vinci like vehicles. It would be interesting, and it fits what I feel the style of the game is.

Low numbers of players

The game needs to still be fun with not many people playing, even when it's only you or a couple of friends. We've got our main game mode (village vs. village) but maybe we need another game mode for the small numbers of players (maybe a mode where you've got to reach a certain level of prosperity by a given time limit?). The other solution is to program AI players in - it would be easy for Archaeology but maybe not for some other proficiencies. As each prototype develops I'll think about this more.

Team balancing

Rather than balancing teams the standard way (forcing the number of people on each team to be equal) I think we should allow each team to have as many or few players as the players decide.
My suggestion is that teams be balanced by the score required to win being lower for lower numbers of players. So if the team with 1 player needs to get 100 points to win, then the team with 2 players needs to get 250 points to win, and so on. The exact numbers could be refined during testing.