Leaders and Responsibilities

Everyone involved in the project is responsible officially for one particular facet of gameplay, but some also have the role of leading one kind of contribution.
Examples of the sorts of things each group is responsible for is listed below.

A page for each lists the currently requested assets and their status.
Use the discussion tab on each of the following pages to inform the Leaders of what resources they need to work on.


  • Gameplay sound effects, e.g. for weapon and construction
  • Level sound effects, such as nature sounds
  • Interface sound effects, such as button clicking


  • Menu music
  • Game music


  • 3D models
  • Textures
  • Sprites
  • Interface graphics

Level design

  • Map and environment design


  • Gameplay programming
  • Level scripting
  • Interface implementation


  • Gameplay documentation
  • Item descriptions
  • Interface tooltips


  • Menu designs
  • HUD interface


  • Particle effects
  • Shaders