These guidelines are for Blender. Models should be submitted in .blend format.

  1. Anything that should be a single object in game should be in a single mesh object in Blender, not separate objects. You can combine objects by selecting both and going to Object > Join (Ctrl J)
  2. In Object mode, the Transform panel (press the little plus at the top right of the view window to expand it if it's not open) should show the object to be at Location X:0, Y:0, and Z:0, Rotation X:90, Y:0, Z:0, and Scale: X:1, Y:1, Z:1
  3. Please name your mesh object something appropriate (ctrl left-click on its name in the scene list in the right-most panel). Unity editor uses this name not the file name and it's hard to find models when they're all called "Cube"
  4. The blue arrow points upwards, the green arrow points forwards (for a building this means towards the back of the building), and the red arrow points to the right
  5. The grid plane is the ground. Make sure things that should be at ground level are at ground level, etc
  6. The centre of the model (where the red and green grid lines cross) should be the centre of your mesh
  7. At the end of your modelling process, in Edit mode, turn on face normals (scroll down the Transform panel to the Mesh Display section. Somewhere in there under "Normals:" there's a "Face" checkbox) and make sure they all point outwards. Any faces that point inwards will be invisible in Unity. You can automate this process by selecting all faces and going to Mesh > Normals > Recalculate Outside (Ctrl N). If you want any faces to be two-sided you'll have to duplicate them and flip the second copy.

Same guidelines, simple checklist form:
  1. Single mesh
  2. Location 0,0,0; Rotation 90,0,0; Scale 1,1,1
  3. Object named
  4. Blue up, green forwards, red right
  5. Grid ground
  6. Centre centred
  7. Face normals outwards