This page lists information about the monsters in the game. Monsters are non-player characters.
Also notes about the behaviour and AI of monsters.

Monster type
Counter with:

its a "flaming" salamander :)
looks like a giant salamander but it burns everything in its path. attacks like a snake, by striking suddenly and quickly, or breaths flames at its opponent.
an Extinguisher (why not a water pistol? :D)

flightless pterodactyl
inspired by a pterodactyl or pelican, with leathery skin. A bit like the Terrak from Dungeon Siege 2 maybe. Attacks with an enormous beak.
These live in a group in dense forest and stay close to their eggs. Not aggressive unless you are a threat to their eggs, then the whole clan turns on you.
run away? It can't move very fast.

  • very weak
  • can turn invisible, when it attacks it becomes visible again until it gets far out of sight
  • can create copies of itself once it is visible
  • can pretend to be other creatures
  • small, floating creature, looks like a cross between a lantern and an insect, gives off eerie blue light.
Alchemy potion? high lore skill?

  • robot guardians of dungeons
  • white/grey/yellow colour scheme
  • use firearms attached to their arms - best source of ammunition