On this page is a list of the completed prototypes for various parts of the game:


How to use the prototype:
What the pictures mean, from left to right:
1. First probe shows there is an artifact nearby, somewhere under the yellow circle
2. Second probe, placed below the first, shows no yellow lines, meaning the artifact is not under the area covered by the second probe.
3. Third probe, placed to the right of the first, shows a yellow circle which crosses the first yellow circle in two places, so the artifact could be under one of those places. Or could it? Look at the bottom intersection; it's within range of the bottom probe but showed no results there, so that must notbe the location of an artifact.
4. A fourth probe is used to test the hypothesis, placed above the other probes and within range of the top intersection. It draws a circle through that intersection, confirming it is in fact an artifact location.


How to use:
Left Click - selects one of the shapes to move
Right Click - Changes the colour of the shape


Pretty simple, press F1 for help.

Lore (research tree)

Labour (melee attacks)