We could possibly have each team colour be a differently themed team.

Sir's idea:

Blue - Scientific expedition
Red - Colonists
Yellow – Crashed mining vessel
Green – Military base
Here to find things out
Here to settle the planet
Was flying past but had to land
Establishing a small outpost
Archaeology and lore
Clothing and foraging
Mining and construction
Combat and weapon tech
Mining and construction
Combat and weapon tech
Clothing and foraging
Archaeology and lore
Art style
Shiny metal and glass, rounded shapes
Colourful and comfortable, farm-like
Square and metallic, with pointy bits and drills
Army camo patterns
"Think of" for ideas
Chemical flasks, electronics
A farmhouse and barn
Bulldozer or excavator
Tents and sandbags
Team emblem
Haelbarde's idea:

Well, this is more in relation to backstory, the different teams could all have emerged from a time rift, originally being in diffferent places, but accidently been brought to one planet
Benefits of this is it explains why theres 4 different sides, but the sides can be very similar, so simplifies the system a bit (don't need 4 different models for everything). That then simplifies working out balanced crafting systems that reflect what the buildings appear to be made from, with out giving a side an advantage because of cheaper buildings.

Example backstory for leading into above idea
When beings with the power to throw planets around, travel past the speed of light and manipulate the Space-Time start squabbling, not much is left intact. One such was once waged. Both sides, while initially confining the conflict to the present, started jumping every which way through time, fighting to alter their opponent’s timeline for the worse. In the end, everyone lost. Time was wounded, and the universe destabilized. Things that had never been, or never should have been, popped into existence, while other things that had always existed, and always should have existed disappeared into nothing.
Time began to heal however, and things began to return to normal, but not necessarily the same as before. The beings that had fought didn’t resurface, but not all marks of their existence were erased. As the universe restored itself, strange things could happen. One such thing was a seamless merging of a handful of planets. The home of the powerful beings aforementioned was aged, altered, and buried beneath surfaces somehow transplanted from a number other planets, complete with intelligent life forms that were beginning to create organized villages. These were now going to have to expand and in some way deal with their new neighbors, while uncovering the secrets of their new planet.